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Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement Success Stories

Computing Devices Canada Reengineering

Computing Devices Canada software company with 1,000 employees in Calgary and Ottawa with a seven billion dollar contract with the Canadian military to develop communications software. Undertook a major reengineering study with senior managers to increase profit margins. Looked for consultants to provide ideas in July. At the time I was teaching a three day Reengineering course at the University of Calgary. They wanted ISP to discuss turbo brainstorming and process mapping. During the fall they identified 130 opportunities for improvement. In January, they call me back to join their team for a week. They were excited by what they had accomplished with TBS and recommended Turbo brainstorming be implemented within Computing Devices.



Process improvement
  Analyze existing process              
    Design alternate processes            
       3. Select processes to improve         
         4. Develop improved processes       
            5. Deploy improved processes     
              6. Achieve improvement goals  

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