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5. Deploy new processes

The ISP process improvement methodology uses brainstorming to map processes and Microsoft Project to document the process maps. Using microsoft Project allows us to attach resources and work to each work step. This rolls up into a cost model for each process. The diagram below highlights the major step in process improvement along with the detail work steps for 'Analyze existing processes'.
Step 5 of Process improvement
  Analyze existing process              
    Design alternate processes            
       3. Select processes to improve         
         4. Develop new processes       
            5. Deploy new processes     
              6. Achieve improvement goals  

The diagram below expands the fourth step in Process Improvement. The ISP methodolgy uses Turbo brainstorming is used to capture the process maps which are then documented in Microsoft Project. Custom fields and calculations are setup in Project.

  1. Annual volume
  2. Unit effort
  3. Unit cost
  4. Annual cost = Annual Volume * Unit Price
4. Deploy new process
  .1 Capture form layouts                      
      .2 Write procedure notes                  
          .3 Pilot new procedures              
              .4 Generate training & procedure manuals          
                  .5 Train users in new procedures      
                      .6 Coach users following training