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Deploying project management with Microsoft Project in an organization

ISP has helped deploy project management with Microsoft Project in several organizations. Deploying project management in an organization requires recruiting, training, coaching and follow up. Planning difficult to deploy in a harsh project environment. 

We have some novel recruiting ideas to reduce the time to recruit the best candidates.

Deployment Success Stories

BC Telephone

We started with novice project managers. Afterwards these project managers all received promotions to more responsibility.

We training all the project managers in planning methods and software. But the manager said this wasn't working so we individually coached each project manager to prepare their own project plans.

We had one last hold out who kept deferring his plan - data center disaster recovery for the company. Friday afternoon we sat down and had completed the plan by 3pm. He was ready to quit but no I said let's put it into the computer because I knew he would worry all weekend. By 4pm the plan was in the planning software. Mission accomplished and he could relax over the weekend. Well the story has a sequel. He was promoted to a department of 600 engineers with responsibility to support planning. Brian he said come in and discuss your philosophy of project management. We gave five presentations to 65 managers.

BC Telephone merged with Alberta Telus to form Telus.

Teligence Communications

Teligence communication ran a large communications network in North America with four hundred T1 lines. Teligence was very process oriented. They wanted to develop processes that could be replicated many times.

Teligence wanted to expand their project management. ISP assisted the IT director to establish standards, setup the PMO, recruit PMO and project managers.

Teligence established a corporate template in two days that lasted for almost 2 years. After a day of training one manager arrived the next day with a mockup in Microsoft Project of how Teligence completed projects. I recognized this as a breakthrough and said to the IT director all we had to add was Resources and assignments. He said lets do it and between the two of us we completed it. Templates contribute greatly to training new project managers. Project Plans reflect the organizations methodology.

ISP returned to Teligence to help setup Project Server a year later.


When Insurance corporation of BC had well established Project Management.

Deployment steps

Establish Microsoft Project Standards and Guidelines

Standards and guidelines contribute to productivity especially when you have multiple projects and multiple project managers. Easier to establish standards and guidelines early in the project. Benefits of standards and guidelines include:

  1. Faster creation of plans
  2. Reduced training for new project managers

Standardize calendars and time measurements

Project calendars capture working and non-working days. Microsoft Project uses project calendars to schedule tasks. Each project has a calendar and 

Each resource can have a calendar. Resource calendars define when a resource can work. If your organization has multiple shifts you need a base calendar for each shift.

Standardize Resource Definitions

Standardized resource definitions allow resource workload analysis across multiple projects.

Create templates for common projects.

Templates contain organization wisdom about organizing projects. Templates reduce effort to create plans. 

Many templates have generic resources assigned to tasks.

Templates encourage consistency and when combined with timesheets accelerates building useful estimating metrics.

Standardize reporting for clients and management

Executive reviews promote communication, executive buy-in and decision expediting project progress.

Establish estimating metrics

Performance Metrics measure how long a task tasks.

Task Size
Work = -------------------

Base estimates on historical data accumulated from previous projects. Standardized templates improve consistency of project definition and improve consistency of estimating data across projects.

Collect actual data with timesheets to build up your metrics. Project Server includes timesheets but other vendors have timesheet systems that work with Microsoft Project Professional.

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