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Define client needs

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Phase 2. Define client requirements

At the front-end of the project invest about 10% of your total effort to define client requirements for the product or system solution.

Business analysts define requirements working with client subject-matter experts.
Define product requirements

1. Understand business strategy

  • Define context of product
  • Identify stakeholders and actors

2. Clarify client objectives.

  • Deliver better results by considering more alternatives in more depth.
  • Identify benefits from achieving each requirement.

3. Document Existing system

  •  brainstorming with Word

4. Collect new requirements with JAD (joint application design) session.

  2. Achieve benefits.
5. Data Analysis


  1. Plan data conversion.
  2. Performance requirements.

6. Prototype solution

Each brainstorming topic takes between thirty and sixty minutes.

  1. Identify topic.
  2. Label each group.

7. Specify product components with repository

  1. Plan data conversion.
  2. Performance requirements.
8. Select features to implement with zero based budgeting.
  1. Plan data conversion.
  2. Performance requirements.

9. Finalize requirements documentation

  1. Plan data conversion.
  2. Performance requirements.

Turbo brainstorming speeds Requirements collection and analysis.

Speeds up many processes in Project management and completing Project Activities.

Teams that develop and refine plans to understand the big picture develop stronger commitment to plans. These sessions also build respect for other team members.

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