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Project Management Information Systems

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Build project management information systems

Project information extremely valuable for managers. Projects enable an organization to deploy the new products, services, processes to respond to change. 

ISP builds project management information systems for clients by customizing Microsoft Project . This organizations them plan, manage, track and report projects more effectively.

Larger organizations with many project managers should use Microsoft Project Server to achieve a robust solution. Smaller organizations with fewer project managers can build an information system using Microsoft Project.

Project Management information systems

The benefits of a project management information system include:

  • Better utilization of resources.
  • Release hidden capabilities of Microsoft Project.
  • Reduce the learning curve which frustrates new users.
  • Coach project managers during preparation of their first plans.
  • .

PMIS features include:

  • Resource management
  • Workload Analysis
  • Forecasting resource requirements for new projects.
  • Consistent progress reporting  to clients and management.
  • Centralized time collection.
  • Standards and guidelines simplify planning and improve consistency.
  • Templates speed plan preparation.

PMIS roles and responsibilities

  • Project managers
  • Project management office
  • Project administrators

Key Microsoft Project files may be stored in files, databases or Microsoft Project Server.

Stores custom items such as calendars, menus, views, tables, filters and fields.
Define resources required to complete project work.
Reduce plan preparation by storing default information in templates.
Actual project plans with tasks, resource assignments, 
Master projects
Contain summary details of projects for management summary and resource planning.

Items to customize when building a PMIS:

define define holidays and working shifts. Each resource may have their own calendar.
to simplify access functions and setup views more quickly
Reduce setup time when entering functions with custom views.
Speed data entry and simplify reports with custom tables.
Custom Fields
Store custom data and perform calculations in custom fields.
Reduce with amount of data in views and reports with custom filters.


You need accurate project plans before you can build a project management information system.

Examples of project management information systems include

Cablevision company configuring  fiber optic network to upgrade their service. They had 150 projects with 850 splices. Each connection involved splicing 100 fibers or more. Each splice involved twelve steps. So master plan had over ten thousand tasks.

Legal firms to plan and manage case load.

Architecture firms using Microsoft Project for Project Cost accounting. 

Software development firms who develop software inhouse or for clients.
No two clients are the same but Microsoft Project offers great flexibility.

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